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3D Modeling a Monster

We are going to use a program called Tinkercad to create a monster/creature from your imagination or from popular media that you enjoy.

Watch the video below if you don’t know Tinkercad or need a refresher.

Using a program called Tinkercad, you will build a spaceship. To login, click HERE and use the following login information.

First off, if you want your own account, make one if you have an email or have your parents sign up. If you can’t do that, use my login below.



3D Print Your Creation

I made a Pikachu with Tinkercad. They only print in one color though, keep that in mind.

You don’t need a printer. You can send your file off to…


In Tinkercad, find your creature in the list of creations and click it. Click download and choose STL. This is a 3D print file.

For Shapeways, this will require that your parents make an account because if you choose to print, it does cost money.

Once logged in, you can upload your file. It may say that there’s a problem with your file. Just give it a few minutes to upload and it should show up.

It may ask you to open 3D Tools and inspect your object. If it thinks it might break, Shapeways shows you where you need to thicken the object. This takes a while to load.

Once it is uploaded and checked, click 3D Print and you can choose your material.