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Story Telling Thru World Design

Today we are going to use Roblox Studio to build a level and tell a story.

Most storytelling in games happens in two ways:

  1. Linear Progression
  2. World Details

As you play Adventure games like Mario, you learn about the world and story as you progress. You learn first that you are in a world of monsters and blocks. As you progress, you reach a castle. Eventually, characters tell you the princess is not in this castle. You are on a journey that you learn over time- Linear Progression

In a different way, World Details tell you about your story through interactions and what you see. A good example of this is Zelda:Breath of the Wild. You don’t talk to characters that much and the game is very open. Instead you learn about the world through how you interact with it.


Today we are going to use Roblox Studio for you to create a level and try to make a story. 

You can create signs or characters with words above them. You can build the world and make details that tell the story.