Session – April 2021 – Interior Architectural Design

Buildings are designed carefully. It is not a quick process as they are something people spend every day in.

Buildings in video games take less time but you can use many of the same rules and tools.

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What You Will Design This Month

You are going to design a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.

It needs:

  • 1 Master Bedroom, 2 smaller bedrooms
  • 1 Master Bathroom, 1 other bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Entrance & Extra small room

This is just a sample picture. It does not meet the requirements.

Step 1 – Plan Out Your Building on Paper

Building a house takes a lot more thought than you would think. It’s like Tetris but you have to live in it.

Here’s a few house design tools:

  • Bedroom doors do not connect to kitchens
  • The kitchen, living room, and dining room can be a big open space
  • The other bathroom needs to be near or connected to the other bedrooms.
  • It’s ok to draw it out and then move things if it feels weird.

If you don’t want to design it yourself, Google 3 Bed 2 bath floor plan.

The nice thing about plans like this is they aren’t too hard to copy in Sweet Home 3D. Also, if you don’t like where something is, you can change it!

Step 2 – Design Layout in Sweet Home 3D

Once you have drawn your idea on paper, you can now design it in 3D.

Here is the file to install:


The steps to building in this program are as follows:

  • Build the walls
  • Designate the rooms
  • Drop in doors then windows
  • Place furniture
  • Color walls and floors

Step 3 – Recreate the Design in Roblox

Make a new save of your home and remove all the furniture, doors and windows.

Export that file from Sweet Home 3D into OBJ format. You will use this as a reference for Roblox when building it there.