April Online


Your Child is Invited to Build with Video Game Design Club

Video Game Design Club teaches kids ages 8 to 18 how to design video games: coding, graphics, writing and more!

We normally teach in a classroom but recent events have stopped that.

Due to the school closure in our state and many other states, we will not be opening our physical location this month.Instead, we are going to run sessions online with a brand new schedule open to anyone! Invite your kids of your friends and family (ages 8 to 18) to participate.

There will be daily sessions 2-4pm CST Monday thru Friday. This is our calendar:

Everyone is welcome to attend (as long as you agree to our rules at registration). Many of my existing members have contributed to our GoFundMe. I’m a small business trying to make it thru COVID19 so any contribution is appreciated! 

Ready to Join us?

Please fill out a small registration form-


There is no cost to register. I do ask for you to consider contributing to our business as we go through this difficult period. Thanks!