Video Game Design Club – Columbus, OH

Video Game Design Club

Columbus OH

Opening SEPTEMBER 2021

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Video Game Design Club teaches kids ages 10 to 18 all the skills it takes to make a video game: coding, graphics, audio, writing, and more!

We are now expanding from our original location to cities across the US. Our Columbus OH location is opening this fall in September, an open house happening in August. Spaces are limited as we can only take 30 children in our program at this time.

We will be announcing open house details in the next month. Your submission to the form is simply expressing a desire to attend and learn more. 

For additional information, you can contact

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This form is not a contract or commitment to payment. This WILL ensure that if you want to join, you will be given FIRST priority.

We will email you when we will be holding the upcoming open house.

Is this like Code Ninjas?

No, VGDC is not a coding club. Coding happens here, but our goal is to teach your child a BROAD range of game design skills while still having fun and allowing them to create projects they can share with friends and family.

Unlike other “coding” clubs or summer activities, we don’t line the children up and force a set of instructions. We teach a set of skills and tools and allow them to make their own creation. It is impossible for one kid’s creation to look like the another. 

What is it like to attend?

It is much like a karate class. You drop them off at 6pm and for two hours they work on game design skills. Each month is a different skill set so there is no track system, no age groups. You will simply choose three nights each month to attend. Scheduling is flexible and you are not locked in to long-term contracts.

What does my child need? Do they need experience?

Nope! We follow very similar teaching patterns as a Montessori school, though we are neither a school nor associated with one. This is a club, a collaborative place of learning.

With game design, age or experience does not matter. We have 16 year olds with no experience sitting next to a 12 year old who hosts his own Roblox servers. Game design is about passion and desire to learn and persevere.

If your child likes making things or enjoys Roblox or building in Minecraft, they are likely a good fit. 

If your child says they want to make video games as an adult, they need to try this. The guy who made Minecraft started making games at 9 years old. If they wait until college, they will likely never work in the industry.

What do they need to bring?

All software and instruction is provided. They need to bring a Windows laptop or a Mac with Windows on it. They should also bring a mouse and headphones. We do not provide computers because we want them to continue our activities at home and own the software we give them.

They can bring an adult’s laptop but if they are serious about learning, consider buying a laptop after a few months of attending. We highly advise that it be carried in a soft protective case.

What is the monthly membership?

Monthly membership is $195 for 3 sessions or $145 for two sessions. 3 Sessions is advisable as they are more likely to finish their projects.

When divided by the 6 hours of instruction and learning, that’s only around $32 per hour. We recognize we aren’t the cheapest activity for your child but the skills they learn are usable as an adult and we invest in experienced instructors and continually improving our program.

Consider that they will also gain access to additional benefits: an online profile of additional courses they can take at home, a new set of friends with common interests, paid software, great life lessons such as “nothing works exactly as you expect”, and an increasing confidence in their ability to create.

Additionally, each month is an activity where they can earn a badge. It’s not a participation trophy, but everyone who applies themselves has every ability to earn it.

Where will it be located?

We have secured a lease in downtown Columbus. As it is only open at nights, we are using a great coworking space that you can safely drop your child off right from the street and they can walk in only a few steps away.

Your children’s safety is a top priority. All sessions are recorded, all instructors are background checked, and the building and our business is insured.