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Here is your prompt:

Five years ago, your ship crash landed on the newly discovered Winter Wonderworld, a planet that looks suspiciously Christmas-y…

Over the past years, Central Command has been sending you supplies to build a base. You have learned to adapt to the environment.

Your challenge is to build:

  • Your Ship
  • Your Base
  • The Environment around you
  • Creatures or plants native to Winter Wonderworld
  • And any other crazy ideas that you have!

You may not:

  • Use things you’ve already built
  • Texture new objects or mobs
  • Use mods such as shaders or terrain builders, use what is vanilla to Minecraft
  • Complain that others “stole your idea.” Let’s all just have fun!

The criteria you will be judged on is:

  • Did you follow the prompt?
  • Creativity– how original is it?
  • Variety– is there lots of things?
  • Scale– how much did you make?
  • Surprises– what is your unique twist?

Snacks and water are available but must be eaten in a tiled area. Snooping, or walking around looking at others creations, will not be tolerated. There are bathrooms and water fountains on both floors. Be nice to this building. Video Game Design Club rents space here but this is not OUR building. No running, shouting, or horseplaying. 

Adult Competitors will be upstairs, Youth Competitors will be downstairs. Each group will have a first, second, and third place. Winners will receive trophies and a cash prize.