Digital Card Game Instructions

Install Card Battle Simulator from Steam. It is free.

Play a game first to learn the rules. Then start building your own deck.

Go to “My Games” and at the bottom click “Create Game”

You need to make two Decks, enough to have one deck to fight against another deck. Each Deck is 15 cards. You need to create at least 20 to 30 unique cards. You will then make two decks and add 15 of those cards to each.

Make sure to edit: Properties, Resources, Rules, and (if you want) Types.

Test your game on your own to make sure you can win. Do not worry about challenges or publishing.



Create your own cards with unique stats and abilities. You can upload your own images as well.

You can use ChatGPT or Midjourney for image generation..

To upload them into the game, save them as a .png in this file

C:\(wherever you installed steam)\Steam\steamapps\common\Card Battle Simulator\cbsim_Data\StreamingAssets\images\akashics

Once you have placed the image into the folder, you then have to save the exact name of the image in the _manifest file the same folder. The game’s code then pulls it into the searchable list of images.