Session – January 2021 – Build a Racing Game

Build a Racing Game

By using the tools in Main Assembly, you will:

  • Learn the basics of the game builder
  • Build your own custom car
  • Build a car from a design prompt
  • Create & test your own race track

When you complete these goals, you earn the Race Game Designer activity badge.

Step 1 – Learn the Basics

Click Play and then Tutorials. Complete all 4 of these:

Show an instructor that you have completed the tutorials. You do not need the extra diploma collectible to complete it.

Step 2 – Build Your Own Custom Car

With a completely new template, build your own vehicle. To qualify, it must be:

  • Able to drive around
  • Must be a complex shape. No box cars.
  • Interesting paint scheme

Show an instructor when you are done with the vehicle.

Step 3- Build a Car From a Design Prompt (Option2)

If you become a game designer, you have to build other people’s games. It’s good practice to build something from instructions.

It doesn’t need to be a perfect match. They need to look close enough that you can recognize they are similar shape and color.

Start another car from scratch and create a car from one of the following existing designs:

Speed Racer


Cyber Truck

Mystery Machine Scooby Doo

Banana Car

Volkswagen Beetle

Mini Car

Step 3- Create & test your own race track (option 2)

Using the track builder tools, make your own race track that you can loop around in. It needs to have at least 5 turns to qualify and cannot be a simple circle.

You need to either invite another member to join your track to test it or have an instructor try it for it to be complete. It must be finishable!