Session – January 2022 – 3D Character Animation

This month we will be using a program called Anima Toon to design and animate a voxel character. 

Once completed you will earn the 3D Animator badge.

The tutorial on how to use the program is built into the software. 

YOU WILL NEED A  MOUSE! A trackpad will not be enough control to move the model around.


Badge Requirements

The requirements to complete the badge are the following:

  • Design a complex character that many color and shapes. 
  • Create a fluid, nice animation for the following actions
    1. Waving
    2. Punching
    3. Walking
    4. Running
    5. Jumping
    6. Optional: Getting knocked down
  • Do not rush your animations or you will be asked to put in more effort.
  • For each animation you complete, download an mp4 (video file) inside Anima Toon.

A few tips for animating 3D characters

Load some of the already built animations and see how they did it.

Most animations only need 25 to 30 frames.

Loop your animation, meaning make the first frame be the same as the last frame. 

Do the first and last and then do the middle one. This helps you see how it might move. Then you can fill in the gaps between.

If it’s looking terrible, just RESTART. There’s nothing wrong with trying again when it comes to animation. It’s not likely you will get it right the first time.