Session – July 2021 – Game Testing


Paper Planet

Paper Planet – Game

Hey I’m Will! Thanks for helping playtest my game! I’ve been working on Paper Planet since my Junior year of high school, and since then the game has gone through a lot of changes. Since I’ve been working on my game for such a long time, it’s almost impossible to play it with an entirely unbiased perspective, that’s why playtesting is so important! Knowing what to keep and what to axe is an integral part of designing games, so getting the feedback and unique perspectives really means a lot to me, thanks!



Shipmates – Roblox Game

Shipmates is a social deceit game based inside of a luxury passenger ship stranded out at sea. You and 9 other players are left and it’s up to the passengers of the ship to get it back up and running. You can do this by searching the entire ship for the tools marked on the tasks list and taking them to the appropriate location marked on the map. Unbeknownst to you and your fellow Shipmates, the ship was sabotaged by a couple of ghosts whose sole mission is to keep the ship stranded. Whether through sabotaging the ship and/or the tools required to get it sea-worthy, or just straight up killing every passenger on board, the ghosts will try to stop the passengers and the ship from ever setting sail again. You aren’t completely defenseless though, as you have the ability to remove a suspected ghost from the ship entirely using your intuition, deduction, and communication. Be careful though, as these ghosts have been known to be quite deceitful, so make sure you have an alibi and a good defense.

I created this game in the interest of learning programming, as I am currently in a university studying computer science. This project actually did help me tremendously, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Although the game is not technically finished, it was released in beta testing in a very playable state. I haven’t worked on it since March due to school, work, and the drying up of an advertising budget. If your group thinks the game is fun, it may motivate me to continue working on it. If not, I am interested in pursuing another project and any feedback could potentially help me design my next project. There shouldn’t be many bugs (at least bugs that occur naturally), although it is very possible some may show up randomly. The game requires a minimum of four players, with a maximum of five. There are two ghosts if there are 8 or more players, one ghost for 7 or less.


Mutant Ops

Ask for a Steam KeyCode

Survive endless waves of enemies alone or with friends.
Customize your loadout, using the strongest armor and weapons you can find. Deal massive amounts of burst damage with a sniper, or steady consistent damage with an ar. Have an arsenal full of weapons, or gear up with tons of armor, just. . . dont die.


Spinjool – Downloaded Game

Mutant Ops – Steam Game

Legions at War – Steam Game

Cosmic Tank – Steam Game

Balloon Simulator – Core Game

Splash Zone Beta

Itch Page

Controls :   WASD to move.  Left Click to Shoot. Spacebar to Jump or use splatter abilities.  Right Click To Suck. Q to Alternate Fire or Melee attack.   Red Splatter is your Health. Blue Splatter makes you go faster when you walk over it. Yellow Splatter makes you bounce if you press Space on it. Green Splatter lets you grapple while you press Space on it.  Orange Splatter Ignites if you shoot it with more orange splatter. Purple Splatter teleports you to another random purple splatter. Black splatter cancels all other splatter abilities and slows you down.   The objective is to Survive as many rounds as possible.    You’ll have to just press the Windows button or CTRL alt Delete to quit since there’s no quit button yet.    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have Splash Zone tested!  Looking forward to hearing your class’s feedback! 

Balloon Simulator

Pump up your balloon, jump, and reach new heights to discover crazy areas like dark star, the sky ocean, and more! Sell your balloons or collect coins to buy upgrades! Hatch and merge pets to speed up your progress! Rebirth to reach the top of the leaderboards!   Hey there, I’m Ben! I’ve created video games for several years on Roblox and now Core. During my 2018 internship at Roblox I released a game called Time Clash that was on the front page by Roblox staff for 3 months and gained 6 million visits. The game flopped! After digging in I discovered that I had not tested or optimized the game at all! That’s why I appreciate you all for testing my current games!! I’d love to know your first impression of the game after 5 minutes and to discover how long you play until you get bored!

All Hail Big Number

Do the bidding of Big Number, human.   The community manager of Core gave me this game to test and he will be forwarding your input to its creator.

Office Racing

Do the bidding of Big Number, human.   The community manager of Core gave me this game to test and he will be forwarding your input to its creator.

Cosmic Tank

Ask for a Steam Code.

I’m Franklin Pride, and I’ve been making games for over thirteen years.

This game was made by following two core design requirements… It had to be possible to make with $400, and it needed to be possible to complete in under a year. That led to my current design, a more modern take on Asteroids. Upgrade your tank, mine, loot hostile forces, repeat. It’s a game loop that’s easy-ish to code and very rewarding.

Intelligent Artificial Machine game

Fight waves of enemies as you make your grand, or short-lived, escape in this casual roguelike using dice. Upgrade yourself with science-fiction-inspired weapons and gadgets scattered among your enemy’s remains as you unravel your mysterious origin and combo your way toward freedom.


Intelligent Artificial Machine

I played at least 20 minutes on this game(Required)
Here is where you will describe how you thought the game played. Was it fun? Were there things that were hard to understand? What was good? What needs improvement?
What are your thoughts on the following: controls, sound, level design, card design & rules, etc.


Try your luck by adding items to your slot machine reels and spin them to earn magic motes. Spend the different types of motes on spells as you duel with ever more powerful opponents in your quest for revenge!

NPC Tower Defense

NPC Tower Defense is a subgenre of strategy games where the goal is defend enemies, buy awesome tower and more!


Deadly Lasers

Who is ready to challenge the unforgiving lasers? Conquer the best rating between players.

Recent Changes:

  • Added achievement for getting reward points reward
  • Increased speed in 1 room 25% faster
  • Increased speed in 2nd room by 25% and canceled the double circle