Session – June 2021 – Platform Puzzler

This month you will be building a platform puzzle game.

You will earn the Platfrom Puzzler Badge when you complete the activity.

Step 1 – Get Inspiration

Try each of these games. Do not spend more than 20 minutes of session time trying them. These are to help inspire you what you can build.

NOT ALL OF THESE ARE GOOD. The point of playing these is to see what things are successful and what makes a game tedious or not fun.

Step 2 – Download “I Wanna Maker” on Steam

Get the game and take the Tutorial.

I would also suggest changing these keyboard commands. You can make them what you want but I like these.

If you want to play some of the games in I Wanna Maker, you can use my login:

user: vgdclub

pw: vgdc123hehe

I warn you though, many of the games are not fun BECAUSE they do not provide VARIETY. Most people just rely on accurate jumps and spike. That’s neither fun nor challenging. It’s simply tedious and rage inducing.

Step 3 – How to Build in “I Wanna Maker”

Place items using the dropdown menus.

Some items, like blocks you can click and drag.

When you click an object in the level, you can edit the name and properties of that object.

You can also add events to items. That is reviewed below.

This section lets you edit the entire level. You can also change color themes.

Most objects can be scripted with Events. Events are basically code that the object must follow in a conditional statement

IF Something Happens to Me

      THEN This is what I do


For example, you will see the big shuriken has two events.

IF it is created (which basically means on start of game)

     THEN it moves on the path assigned

IF it is hit by the player bullet

     THEN it is destroyed

When an object does an event(s), we call that being “scripted”.

Step 4: Designing Your Puzzle Game

Here are your requirements:

  • The Level size must contain 4+ squares
  • You should use 3+ categories of objects and 15+ unique objects. Layout objects do not count.
    • For example, 2 blocks + platform, 3 killer, 4 common, 2 power ups, 2 gravity and speed, 2 vines

  • You should have 20 unique events (objects containing the same event do not count)
  • Your Level must be tested by someone else and must take 60+ seconds to complete. Making someone wait 10 seconds for something to count does not qualify.
  • You also can’t get the badge if no one can complete the level. Trolling is not game design.

Additional Advice

Not sure where to start? Here’s a way to make a fun game with I Wanna Maker. Platformers are based on what you do on each platform, thus the name. The fun is found in creating and mixing different items and actions.

Take two object or actions and figure out how you can make them work together. Simply put them in the game and figure out how to make a fun obstacle or puzzle.

For example, how can you combine the following:

  • Double jump and a push block
  • Teleporter and Crusher
  • Coins and Spring
  • Cannon and Coin Blocks

Don’t forget that all objects can have events so you can make them interact in interesting ways.