Launch A Club In Your Area!

Video Game Design Club is expanding! Let us know if you are interested to bring this incredible program to your city.

After 3 years of initial program building/testing, we are bringing it to qualifying communities across the US. 

To have an operating Video Game Design Club, your city will need:

  • A minimum of 20 members ready to join
    • We will help you run your marketing and open house
  • A safe, centralized location with reliable internet willing to host evening sessions
    • Reliable, vetted instructors with applicable skills and experience
    • Instructors are trained contractors employed by the Club
  • Adequate funding methods
    • Either the normal commercial monthly fee structure or an upfront funding amount that covers a year of programming and computers**

I want to LAUNCH the Club in my area!

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How it Works

Video Game Design Club is an edutainment model business, where young people learn about STEM careers, gain game design skills, and have plenty of fun! We have built a flexible for-profit business model that is mobile and adjustable to multiple situations and areas.

The curriculum or program is currently a 3 year (30 month) rotating cycle of STEM Careers. Every location is working on the same activity so that the company is all on a predictable schedule and program roll-out. Additions or adjustments to the program are launched to every location.

Each month teaches about a career with 3 to 5 game design activities. The program is performed on-location amongst their peers and supported by knowledgeable instructors. They learn through 80% experimentation, 20% instruction. Failure, breaking, and doing hard things are all welcomed as part of the learning process. We succeed best when everyone’s solution looks different.

At the end of completing a month’s activities, the member receives a badge as well as experience points to “level up.” Members gain additional perks such as exclusive game servers and a monthly game party to socialize.


Video Game Design Club does not own any property, nor does it rent or lease. To keep the cost as affordable as possible, the Club partners with non-competitive or even complementary businesses to offer the program to a shared customer base. The instructors are often associated with both the location they teach in and are official, contracted instructors of Video Game Design Club, authorized to lead the activities.

The two active locations of Video Game Design Club are DiVRgence of Huntsville, AL and Zellus Marketing or Athens, AL. Additional locations are in negotiation within Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.

And for business peace of mind, Video Game Design Club goes above and beyond to secure the safety of the children attending, and the legal and financial property of itself and its partners. This is done via a robust system of rules, training, and insurance.


**We have worked in the past with organizations to fund individuals from lower income families. One program we ran was Game Design For Everyone, and a few local companies contracted with us to sponsor a few families from this effort.

For organizations interested in sponsoring children whether due to geographics or demographics, we estimate that the cost of a year of programming is around $2500, which also covers the acquisition of a formidable laptop. 

We prefer the child keep the laptop after their sponsored term so that they may continue to practice with the programs they received. This amount may vary depending on the local economics and location requirements.

Every child deserves to learn that they are creators of their own world.