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Importing a Model

VGDC October 13, 2023

When 3D modelers make a model, sometimes they need to reduce the size, the amount of triangles, of the object.

You are going to put your Claydo model into Roblox and make a scene where the monster is attacking the city. The model is too complicated to put directly into Roblox.

First, you will need to install Blender from this website.

Once you have installed Blender, watch the short tutorial on how to reduce the model’s size.

Once your monster is imported, watch the next video that shows how to insert buildings and mountains. Make a scene of the monster attacking the city. Include the following:

  • Mountains or hills in the background
  • 20+ buildings
  • Streets, grass, dirt, etc
  • Special effects like fire or smoke

Upload a cool screenshot of the finished scene below: