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Moving Objects in 3D

VGDC May 22, 2023

Tinkercad is a free program to learn how to move shapes in a 3D space. Get help with logging in.

Watch the tutorial below to learn how it works if you are not familiar.

To get into Tinkercad, follow this link- https://www.tinkercad.com/joinclass/5DUXGHRDD

Use the nickname “members.” Don’t mess with other people’s files.

You need to build the following:

  • Chair
    • Four legs, a seat and a back
  • House
    • Four walls
    • Door cut out with a negative
    • Roof
  • Car or character
    • If car
      • 4 wheels, body, windshield
    • If character
      • 4 limbs
      • head
      • face

When you are done, take a screenshot of all 3 in one image. Upload it below: