Session – March 2022 – Dungeons & Drawings

This month you will learn how to plan out a game and execute on your plan.


You must use the paper to plan it and your paper plan and game must be at fairly similar meaning you should base the game off what you draw.

Step 1

Download Super Dungeon Maker

Step 2

Play tutorial area and learn how to build in SDM.

Step 3

SWITCH TO DRAWING. If you start “building in the game” we will make you restart.

Plan your dungeon on grid paper(s).

  • A dungeon must contain:
  • 14 Rooms minimum
  • Items must help you progress to new rooms
  • Must take longer than 5 minutes to complete
  • Must be two or more floors
  • You must plan your map with a progression key.
  • Big open empty maps with random item spread do not count.

Step 4

Build your dungeon. If you want, you can play around with objects in SDM and then plan them out.

Key for Drawing