Session – May 2021 – Open World Builder

This month you will be using two different programs to build an open world and earn the Open World Builder badge.


Step 1 – Map out your “World”

This is not going to be a whole “world” but it’s quite big. You are using a program called Inkarnate to make your map.

For future reference, the program to build this world does not have water so don’t plan water areas. The most you can do is paint the ground blue if you really want some water. 

To login, go to

The username is

The password is 


This account is shared! Do not edit other people’s maps!

When you make a map, choose “Fantasy Regional Classic”

Your world needs to have:

  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • 2 or more Cities or Towns
  • Roads and paths
  • “Bad Guy” areas
  • At least 1 Dungeon (a separate world)
    • like a cave or explorable castle, some kind of interior space.
    • it does not need to be as big but must have some kind of objective, quest, collectable, etc that makes it important

Think about how you could have some quests in the different areas or what kind of adventures could occur there.

So you know there are humans, dwarves, ogres, skeletons, demons and a few odd creature types available in your RPG. The character creator also let’s you mix them up.

Step 2 – Build Your World

You will be downloading RPG World on Steam. Once that is installed, ask for help to get all of the Creative Content unlocked.

Do not pay for the Creative Content, that is what the Club pays for.

Tips on Building Your World

Do not focus on small areas first. Create the larger world, referencing the map you made. This keeps you from getting too focused on the small details and then you run out of time.

Big world pieces would be terrain, forests, buildings, pathways, rivers. It doesn’t need to look exactly like your map, down to the pixel. Try to get the generally same layout.

Watch the video to learn how to Build Your World!

Step 3- Populate Your World

Now you should put in the people, items, enemies, decorations, etc. Attach quests to NPCs and plan out how the player would follow that quest. Make sure they don’t wander around trying to find something, this is a big map. 

You can also use waypoints to help you characters and enemies walk around.

You need to have at least 4 Quests in your world.

Watch the video to learn how to Populate Your World!