Session- November 2021 – RPG Designer

This month we will be using SMILE Game Builder and several other tools to build a story driven RPG.

You will take the story you created last month to put into the game. If you weren’t here, you will need to make one up as you go. It’s good to at least have a general idea of:

  • Who are your main character?
  • What is the world or place they live in?
  • What is the story of the game?

You will not finish this game in a single month. But to get the RPG Designer badge, you need to do the following:

  1. Build at least 4 maps in the game that all connect to each other
  2. Create buildings and landscape
  3. Have 20+ NPCs or Enemy battles
  4. Build at least 10 scripted objects. Doors do not count.
  5. Add in 4 Custom Assets



Only if it is directly planned in your game, you can also request us to give you the following DLC. One DLC per member so choose one you need the most.

  • 3D Character Editor
  • Japanese Style Model Pack
  • Modern City Resource Pack

SMILE Characters

Don’t get caught up making a bunch of these. This is time consuming to make but it’s how you’re character will walk around in the game.

This is the templates for the character sprites. If you want to design a main character, you need to color and design all 13 images. If you want to focus mostly on story, you really only need to do the first walking animation. Reference your character design and put a simpler version of it into this playable character.

If you want to do an NPC, you only need to do the walking one (it’s first in the gallery). These images are also in the files you were given.

A great program for pixel art is


This is the game engine you will use to build your game in.

If you want them:

October Files to Download