Ooftober 2019

We are Working on Roblox!

Update: Ooftober Game Jam was a great success, if you’d like to use the file for the competition, it is available here-


(We will be returning to SMILE Game Builder in November.)

It’s Ooftober so it’s time to OOF! Install Roblox Studio and begin your own level. It can’t be a prebuilt level, you must use one of these two:

If you want to start learning about coding in Roblox, go to the tutorials on the website HERE


  1. Get familiar with Roblox Studio
  2. Build a game that someone else can test
  3. Improve the game after you get input on it
  4. Publish a game that takes at least 3 to 5 minutes to complete

You can build and code your own objects or use object from the Toolbox.

A blank world with a few pieces dropped in it does NOT count. Be creative!