Welcome to OOFtober Game Jam

Your Goal: Build a Roblox Obby with a Halloween theme.


1st Place- $200 in Cash/Robux OR 3 Free Sessions of Video Game Design Club

2nd Place- $150 in Cash/Robux OR 2 Free Sessions of Video Game Design Club

3rd Place – $100 in Cash/Robux OR 1 Free Session of Video Game Design Club


  1. Good Behavior is required. We are not here to play Roblox, be rude, or be disruptive. If you choose to, you will leave. We can have fun making our games, but you will listen to the instructors or your parents will be called.
  2. Originality is what wins. You must make the game here and not use a file you worked on previously. You can use models from the Toolbox but we want to see your ideas not just a couple objects dropped in. You may not finish but that doesn’t matter. Your creative effort will be judged.
  3. Violence is not acceptable. Killing, murder, and blood will negatively affect your judging. There’s plenty of Halloween elements that are not violent. Your character can get damaged and die and respawn. You can use scary monsters or scary sounds. Ask an instructor if you want to use something that you are unsure of.
  4. Use the blocks given to you. Your starting file will contain 11 block types. Using these effectively and in a fun way will greatly improve your chances of winning.
  5. Ask questions but wait your turn. There are more participants than adult instructors. Wait your turn patiently and work on something else while you are waiting on help for something else. We only have 4 hours. We will not tell you what to make or give ideas. That is unfair to other participants.
  6. Obstacle courses have a start and end. Running around a big open area is not an Obby. Use the blocks given to you to lead the player on a journey. Complexity and creativity are encouraged. Trolling the player with a level that is impossible will not help you win.

Roblox Starter File

You will make your game using this file you download.

Download File

If you want a quick overview of how to use Roblox, watch these videos.

As we get questions, we may answer them on the board. If you know how it works, feel free to just work on your game. Four hours can go pretty fast, good luck!