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Opening June

UAH has agreed to let us reopen under certain rules:

  • Parents will drop off and retrieve their children at the door. Parents may not stay in the building during the sessions.
  • Members will wear masks at all times. If they need a break, they may temporarily retreat to an open space outside of the Club.
  • Members will sit 6 feet apart. We can only take 6 at a time. If you show up without signing up for the session and spots are full, you will have to come another time.
  • Parents will be required to sign their name on a Pick-up sheet as they are leaving.

I know this is strict. That’s why I still want to provide some options.

The set fee for this month is $195. There’s too many rules right now for me to have multiple tiers to coordinate, I apologize about that.

There are two session types this month: In-Person Club Sessions & Online 1 on 1 Zoom Sessions

You cannot mix them. Choose one or the other please. When you start to sign up, I will send you an invoice.

In-Person sessions can come 3 times. Choose your times on the Sessions page. Online 1 on 1 Zoom sessions can sign up twice. That time is more concentrated but I have to offer less sessions in order to accommodate the potential sign ups for it.