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VGDC Online

April Will Be Remote With A Brand New Schedule

Due to the school closure in our state and many other states, we will not be opening our physical location this month.

Instead, we are going to run sessions online with a brand new schedule open to anyone! Invite your friends and family (ages 8 to 18) to participate.

For existing members, we ask that you donate what you can to the GoFundMe. I’m a business owner and rely on your generosity this month. For those who don’t live here or aren’t members, your contribution is also critical.

There will be daily sessions 2-4pm CST Monday thru Friday. This is our calendar:

Minecraft Monday– We have a new professional Minecraft server that only members and those who donate can access. It allows players to claim a plot of area and others cannot effect each other’s creations without invitation. It is a builder’s paradise!

Tinker Tuesday– This is the heaviest learning day. We will be doing coding or graphics skills on these days will a creationto complete by Thursday

World Build Wednesday – We will be using games and software to build levels and worlds. This will be a mixture of learning and play.

Thoughtful Thursday – We are lining up to interview people in game design and discuss specific topics. We will also spend time reviewing people’s submissions from Tinker Tuesday.

Free Play Friday – We will be playing a myriad of free to play games online and on Steam. We will encourage discussions about the game play and how it can be improved.