Unfortunately, nGenius was purchased by a new owner this month. He very nicely called me and said to make their business more profitable, they need to fill up their space with tutors during prime after school time, which can be as late as 8pm. I told him I understood their need to grow and thanked him for giving me time.

That being said, the location was great for our Madison members but the space inside was a bit cramped. I’ve been looking for a while in Madison and Huntsville. There’s not very much available in Madison to be honest.

HOWEVER, I’m in negotiations with another STEM program on Governors in Campus 805. We are still working out the details but it looks like Huntsville/Madison members will likely move there in May. Bigger space, a large projector room downstairs for Network Parties, and the likely possibility of SATURDAY sessions!!

Athens will still be running in April. If you can make it to Athens, we will be running sessions as normal while I work out what I hope to be a more permanent location with a complimentary organization.