Session- April 2019

Creating a Small Zelda-Like RPG

You will be learning how to:

  • Design 2D environments using templates
  • Place characters, enemies, and events
  • Create dialogue and stories

Go to

You will be given an email (your parent’s email) and a password. Write this in your book! You can’t save passwords in this program.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN- Watch these Tutorials on the Basics of RPGPlayground:


Platform Documentation

I will not tell you all the answers to how this platform works. Instead, you will be taught how to find answers in Documentation. ANYTHING you want to know about RPGPlayground is in the User Manual.

Completing Your Game

This will take several sessions to complete. Your first hour will be RPGPlayground until your game does all of the following:

  • 3 Levels or Rooms with plenty of environment sprites
  • 10 or more characters (can be NPCs or enemies or both)
  • 5 or more conversations (use at least one token)

Your game will not be a blank, open grass field with some enemies in it! That is not a game worth playing.