Session January 2019

Asset Creation

This month you will make assets for your own Tower Defense game in Scratch. You will create:

  • A theme
  • Pixel characters including player and enemies
  • Background image
  • Music and Sound effects

Step 1: Decide on a theme

As you can see from my example, I choose a jungle future shooter as my theme. You can do any theme you want but it has to be consistent for all of your elements. 

Step 2: Collecting Art Inspiration

You’re going to use to create an artboard. This will help you get ideas on what your characters will look like. login info






Use to do your image searching.

Step 3: Draw Your Characters (Optional)

If you want to draw your character ideas before making them on the computer, please ask for pencil and paper



Step 4: Draw your digital assets

Download the piskell files below and import them into to begin drawing each character.

Each file has the size and description of what you need to make.

Download assets

You will need to unzip the files.

Step 5: Background

Create a background in Scratch or

The backdrop template is in the zip file above.

Step 6: Create the Audio

Your game needs 3 sounds but you can do more:

  • Music (you can use music you find in Scratch or make your own)
  • Gun fire (whatever you shoot at enemies)
  • Enemy killed (what sound do they make when they die)

If you want to make your own sounds you can use

Step 7: Insert Assets into game

You can do this every time you make a new character or do them all at once.

If you don’t have a Scratch account, make one.

Go to my blank template Scratch game and make a copy by pressing SEE INSIDE [blue button] and then when you are in the game press REMIX [orange button].

Once you make your own copy, you can replace all of the costumes of each character. You will also need to upload your sound files too. Ask an instructor for help.