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Session- January 2020

3D Modeling

Watch the two videos to learn more about the basics of 3D modeling.

This month you can earn the 3D Modeler Badge.


1- Build a Spaceship

Using a program called Tinkercad, you will build a spaceship. To login, click HERE and use the following login information:



Your space ship should contain- a pilot, a flying mechanism or propulsion system, wings or other ornaments, landing gear, and use at least 4 colors.

Please do not use other people’s models as this is a shared account. 

2- Sculpt a Face

Using Leopoly, you will sculpt a 3d object to create a face. It can be human or otherwise but it must have at least eye(s), a nose and or ears, and a mouth.

You must then paint the creation with details, not just a single color.

To get to Leopoly, go HERE and choose Gaia.

Also, if you want to save your model, you must LOGIN first!


3- Make a Character with 3D Models

We are using a program called Makers Empire to use your 3D modeling skills to build a character. Your character must be 100% original, not using any of the default builds available. The only exception is that you can use the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes if you want.

Download Makers Empire HERE.