Session- July 2018

Sound Effect Basics

Sound effects are important to every game. Understanding how they are made is crucial to designing games. There are many tools to create and edit sound. 

Many movies and games record objects to create sound. What sounds do you think they record these for?

With your eyes closed, let’s see if you can guess these sounds:

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6


How will we make sound effects?

We don’t have sound recording equipment here at the club yet so we will use two different methods:


Sound Files

Go to and login with the following information:


Password: Mak3s0und5


Now that we know how to make sounds, the best sounds are mixed with other sounds. This is called layering.

3 Sounds Separate

3 Sounds Together

To do this we need an audio editor. If you are on a Mac or Windows, you can download Audacity. But we are going to use an online editor that has even more capabilities called

You can make your own login or use mine:


This Month’s Activity

We are going to create sounds for the different animations in this Scratch game.

You will choose 3 or more animations to work on. Choose new ones if you have done this before.

Here’s the Scratch game.  Use the programs we have gone over to create and layer sounds. Ask for approval when you are done. Feel free to share your sounds with other members to get their opinion.