Session – June 2019


This month we will be using several 2D animation softwares to create stories. They won’t be playable games, but many of the elements in these are similar to the animation tools that professionals use.

Choose one program per session to work on.


Animation is about creating a story. Use Toonly to tell a story. Watch the demo on how to use it and then download the software.

Download Windows Version

Download Mac Version

Password: 5985874e5727d36e

Requirements: create a video story that tells a story.

It must be at least 2 minutes long and contain at least 5 scenes and 2 characters. This is a minimum so it can have way more characters and scenes if you want.

It cannot be offensive or overly violent or rude to others. Please take it seriously.

There’s only humans in this software so it will not be fantasy or science fiction.


Many animation softwares use a bone/rig to control a character. Each frame requires placing each bone. Stykz is a great way to learn that skill.


Requirements: Make an animation of at least 30 frames. It must involve at least one stick figure and it’s limbs must move around.


Some animation, even for games, is accomplished by capturing video of a person and turning it into an avatar. Everyone will get a chance to play with the software and animate their character with FaceRig.



Some of you may be familiar with this program. Once you have tried the other programs, you can work on animating a pixel character in

Instead of worrying about using it online, use the download page to install it on your computer.