Session- March 2019

Drawing by Hand

This is a very important skill for game design. Everyone can do it and there is no room for statements like “I can’t draw.” You learned to talk, walk, and feed yourself. Each of those is complex functions, you can learn to draw.

For the first 30 minutes, you will watch and draw along with the videos below. No quitting or saying it’s no good. You can’t be great without getting better first. 

During the second 30 minutes, you can free draw an idea or work with the instructor learning a drawing skill. 

Drawing Character Heads

Drawing Mario

Drawing Peach

Drawing Sonic

Character Shape Skills

Building a Body

Character Scale

Drawing Full Characters


This is an entire list of game characters to draw with instructions.


Drawing Backgrounds

These tutorials may require help. If you get stuck, please ask for help.

Additional Background Tutorials

Background and Foreground


Detail at a Distance

Advanced Tutorial Images

Use these as references to draw more difficult subjects

Free Draw Challenge

Use the skills you learn to use the character idea generator!

Start Generator