Session- March 2020

Creating a Roblox Shooting Multiplayer


You are creating a laser tag shooting game for Roblox.

This is the Badge for this month-

You have a Weak Gun, Medium Gun, and Strong Gun.

You must follow these steps:

1) Draw a map of what you plan to build. The map requires that you create:

    1. Terrain: Hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, rocks, etc
    2. Buildings: What kind of place is it?
    3. Environment objects: abandoned cars, trees, etc
    4. Plan where you will place guns. Make the weak guns common and strong guns harder to find.
    5. Have layers! Make buildings with multiple stories or hills that give you a vantage point. Flat levels do not qualify.
    6. At least 4 objects in the game need to be something you made. Use parts to create an object.
    7. It’s ok to use premade objects from the Toolbox. Don’t use too much or you will make the game slow down.
  • I need help with level ideas!

    Here’s a few things to help you think about:

    • Is your level based in nature or something man-mad or a mixture?
    • What biome are in it? City, Forest, Desert, Mountain, Water, Rock, Ice, Space, Darkness/Fantasy
    • What is a big central feature of the map?
    • What can you scatter around the map?
    • How do you connect the map? What ways can you move around?

2) Begin creating in Roblox.

Start building the level. It’s best to start with Terrain or Buildings. Add in the Environment objects. Don’t worry about placing guns until the world is more complete.

3) Playtest! Publish your game to Roblox. During the second hour, we will be testing different levels and giving you feedback.

4) Revise your level. Take what you learned and make the level better.

5) Repeat. Have people play it again. You may get more feedback. It’s now up to you when you feel it is complete, as long as it has the requirements in step #1.

You cannot get your badge on your first session. There is so much you can build in this that we will not accept it if you rush through it. Take your time and build carefully.


Tutorial Help

If you are new to Roblox, these videos will help:

Roblox Interface

Editing Objects

Making Objects

Terrain Editor