Session- November 2018

Maps and Tilesets

We are going to create a world map using Inkarnate.

To login to Inkarnate, use this:



Name your areas. You must have at least 4 major locations. 




To create our Tilesets, we will use Tiled- download here.

1- Make a new map.

2- Choose these settings.

3- Click the link below. Download this tileset by right clicking and “Save Image As” TILESET LINK

4- Upload the tileset here.

Creating a Tile Map

Tilemapping is all about layers. Create your bottom layer such as grass on layer 1. Layer 2 would be trees. If you try to put them on the same layer it cuts a hole out.

Here are some great examples of tilesets:

Here’s an example of some of my creations: