Session- November 2019


If you need tutorials about SMILE, keep scrolling down this page.

This month we will be focusing on

Building a Turn-based RPG Adventure

We are going to build a turn-based RPG. Turn-based means that instead of mashing buttons to hit your enemy, you choose your move. Pokemon is technically a turn-based RPG.

We are going to use a Japanese-based game builder called SMILE Game Builder. The Club has purchased codes so log into Steam and wait for the instructor to give you a code.

Game Requirements

You are making a game with 1-3 playable characters. You must decide who your character is, who the enemies/boss is, and how the story plays out. The game will have at least 8 areas. To keep track of all of your ideas and story, you will be given a Game Design Document. Do NOT lose it!

To help you with character ideas or story ideas, you can use these two VGDC tools-


How to Get Started???

Do you have an idea for a story? Do you want to try the software? Here’s three different ways to start:

  • Begin in the Game Design Doc: If you already have some ideas, fill in the blanks. Use a PENCIL as you WILL erase things. DO NOT use a pen.
  • Begin with SMILE Game Builder: If you aren’t sure what your story is yet, it helps to see what kind of characters are available. Using the builder may inspire an idea!
  • Begin with the Character and Story Generator: Not sure at all where to start, use the links above to generate random character and story ideas to get the creative juices flowing!


Once you finish your game by meeting the requirements, you will be awarded the RPG Designer Achievement!

Joke games with no content or just empty fields will not qualify for the achievement. Being memes or silly is OK but doing the bare minimum is not being a designer! That’s doing it for a grade like you do in school, how is that inspiring or fun??