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Session- November 2019


If you need tutorials about SMILE, keep scrolling down this page.

We are returning to SMILE Game Builder.

You can continue to work on your game or you can help make art for our group game.

There are two main assets to create, characters and monsters.

SMILE Game Builder 

To see tutorials on SMILE, visit the September 2019 activity page.

Where to Draw

We will be using


The game is set in a world with 8 biomes, each with it’s own monsters to fight. Each area has a few elements.

To have a really extensive world, we should have at least 10 monsters per area. They need to be at least 360 x 250 pixels and ORIGINAL. Memes will not be placed in the game.

Magflakor: Fire, Earth, Steam, Lava

Perrenia: Plant, Wood, Rock

Selsium: Ice, Snow, Water, Rock

Angrul: Poison, Evil, Lightning, Spirit

Krowm: Metal, Robot, Plastic

Zadezand: Desert, Rock

Agwotor: Water, Mountain, Wind

Udu Ado: Weird, Alien


This is the templates for the character sprites. If you want to design a main character, you need to color and design all 13 images. Keep them the same size and name! Click the image and then right click to save the image.

If you want to do an NPC, you only need to do the walking one (it’s first in the gallery).


  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 128 MB, Max. files: 20.