1- Intro to Game Music

Activity Progress:

What purposes does music serve in video games?

Video game music has several purposes:

  • Creates mood or emotions
  • Represents a character
  • Describes a place
  • Defines a scene, atmosphere, or game mode

The difference between video game music and any other music is that your actions have direct effect on how it changes. Music plays cues to the player on how to play or how to feel. Because of this reality, game music needs to be more adaptable, changing as the game changes.

Game music needs to be loopable, playing well over and over. It should also be seamless meaning the end connects well to the beginning. They tend not to be long from about 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes. By saying that, it’s important to give yourself limitations especially when starting out.

Defining a Few Music Terms

Watch the following video to at least understand the following:

  1. Note
  2. Chord
  3. Scale

Install Bosca Ceoil

You are going to install a free music creation software called Bosca Ceoil. You can find it by clicking here.

Depending if you are Mac or Windows, choose your platform. Feel free to play around with it a bit and then take the quiz below.