2- Stencyl Crash Course

Activity Progress:

Documentation is very important while using game engines.

Most game engines come with a Wiki or some kind of reference source.
This is how they help instruct users on how to use the system.

Everything you need to know about how Stencyl works is in the Stencylpedia.
Check it out to see all the documentation they have given us.

You may have noticed that the Stencylpedia starts with the Crash Course.

Take the official Stencyl tutorial.

Not all solutions for your gaming instruction will happen in video, especially when you start making games on your own. It’s important to learn how to read instructions as well.

Go to this page and follow the Crash Course tutorial. Ask for help if needed. Take the quiz once you have completed the tutorial. Have the Crash Course open when you take the quiz because to answer the questions you will need to navigate the game you will make.