2- Your First Video Game Song: Town Theme

Activity Progress:

Most RPG games start of in a town or city. It’s a safe place and then the adventure begins. 

Musical instruments tend to have an attitude and harps and flutes tend to be safe instruments. It’s not required to use these two instruments but your music you create must feel safe and secure.

Start in Bosca Ceoil

If you are unfamiliar with Digital Audio Workshops (DAW), it would be good to watch this video or click the help in Bosca as seen below:


Song Requirements

The song must be at least 20 seconds long. It must have at least 2 instruments and 5 different bars of arrangement. It is suggested to have your harp or flute loop on the same arrangement while the opposite instrument(s) play varying tunes. Below is an example of what your song might look like:

Music Tips

Compose this first song in the scale of C major.

To change Bosca to that, find this at the bottom of the Arrangement tab:


This is a town song composed with a harp in the background with the changin melody of a flute, made with Bosca. If you have questions, as an instructor. 

Upload your song into the assignment below: