3- Build a Space Ship Game

Activity Progress:

Download These Images

Now that you have played with the basics of Stencyl, you are going to make a functional game using these elements. Right click each and use Save Image As to save them to your computer.

Player Ship

Player Fire

Enemy Ship

Enemy Fire

Space Background

Follow these Instructions

Watch this video and pause frequently to copy the instructions. At the end, you will be given a challenge. The sound files for the challenge at the end are below the video.

Download these Sounds

When you click these links below, you will see this. Click the 3 dots to download the file.

Download bullet sound

Download explosion sound

Get these sounds to work when bullets are fired by  the player and the enemy and when someone blows up.

Upload your Game

Once you have completed the challenge, have an instructor review your work or upload a screenshot of the game to the assignment section below.