3- Creating a Character Theme

Activity Progress:

Character Prompts

Think up a new character or use one of the three prompts below. Your character cannot be something that already exists. 

Example Character Song

This prompt was used to create the character theme. Each part of a character can influence the music:

True Neutral- tried to make it not sound good or evil
Chosen one- important
Priest- Church bells
Fairy- tinkling chimes sound of Celesta
Always dresses nice, purple- authoritative, regal, confident sound orchestra

Refer to the next section about selecting instruments for your piece of character music.

Selecting Instruments

Instrumentation is the art of picking the right instruments for a piece of music. It takes lots of practice, sometimes just hearing the sounds working together. Bosca Ceoil has several options to choose from. 

Keep in mind that great songs tend to have instruments from low to high frequency.

An example might be from low to high: Drums, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Singer

Each of these tend to stay around a certain frequency. Similar Frequency sounds may or may not work together and it takes practice and playing to see.

Much of this is learned skills and not something this Club alone can teach.

Create Your Song

Create a song for your character. Use instruments that describe your character, at least 3 instruments. Upload your song below as well as a file describing how you composed the song and why you used specific instruments.