3- Synthesizing

Activity Progress:

Creating sound for your games can be done through Synthesizing, which is producing sound electronically. Often, you may not have time to record your own sound clips or the money to buy sound clips. One option is to Synthesize.

Luckily there’s several free resources. In fact, the laser sounds of the previous activity came from one of these sources.


One free Synthesizer is bfxr.net. Play around with it yourself. The video above does a good job explaining many of it’s functions. This is the Synthesizer I got the laser sound from.



The next great Synthesizer resource is Chiptone. I couldn’t really find any Youtube videos on it but it has a few more tools and is visually more appealing. It can also create longer sounds.

There are several other free Synthesizer plugins but they will all act and produce the same sounds. These may not be the best solution for all games, especially for sounds that mimic real world noises. Synthesizers are useful for retro sounding games like Mario or Space Invaders.


Use a Synthesizer and create a sound for this gif. Download the sound and upload it below: