4- Sketching

Activity Progress:

Drawing is important when you are creating a character. Some say “I’m not good at drawing.” To that, I say, “No, you just haven’t practiced at drawing.” Anyone can learn anything and practice makes PROGRESS.

Here’s some example sketches of my rat mage. One page is definitely not enough and don’t feel like you should draw a whole character.  You can draw the head, weapon, clothing. There’s no rules. Just draw until your character starts to come alive.

If you really don’t have a lot of design skills yet, draw styles you can do, even if it’s not much more than stick people. Tracing isn’t cheating if you use it to build shapes on the page.

Sketching is part of the reason you have a Design Log. Draw new ideas. Practice frequently. Draw game characters like Mario to see how it feels. You’d be surprised how good you can get at drawing if you give it some time.

While the club is not a drawing class, we will definitely help you improve your skills with some activities by improving your general skill.  Watch the videos below for some good pointers.

Practice Game

If you want to practice your drawing skills, here’s a great game called Jazza’s Arty Games. It gives you random prompts and challenges to draw on paper.

DOWNLOAD HERE. Ask for help to install it on your computer.

Helpful Videos

You don’t need to watch these to complete your assignment but they will help. If you need more videos to watch, don’t be afraid to check out more! There are plenty of videos other than these that can help you grow your skills.


Use the Character Collage that you created to start sketching that character. Sketch at least two pages worth of drawings.

Take a picture with a smart phone and upload it or have an instructor approve your work.