5- Blender Modeling Basics 1

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Blender is the MOST popular free 3D modeling program. It’s used by noobs and professionals. You can make really cool models, animations, and even movies with it.

Go to Blender Download Page to get the program. Install it like you would any other program.

Blender User Interface

Before you can start modeling you need to know what the basic controls are. In this video you will go over the 3D View, Timeline, Properties, and Outline.

View Controls

The most basic skill is how you move your view of your work in a 3D space. In this tutorial, you will learn about Tumbling, Panning, and Zooming.

Manipulating Objects

In this video, you will learn how to move scale and rotate objects.

Cursor, Origin, Floor, and Units

In this video you learn about the 3D cursor, the Origin of an object, the Grid Floor, and Units of Measurement.