5- Scratch Troubleshooting Challenge

Activity Progress:

Fix My Game: Castle Coins

5- Scratch Troubleshooting Challenge

Castle Coins is a game created by course instructor Carl Holden. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  • You have 120 seconds to grab 10 coins and drop them in the chest.
  • If you touch a Gargoyle, they magically steal 1 coin.
  • Get to 10 before time runs out.

The game works great! Play the correct version first. Castle Coins

Uh Oh…

While I wasn’t looking, a rude cat jumped up on my computer and messed up my code! 

5- Scratch Troubleshooting Challenge

I need your help to fix it!

Here is the broken version:
Download the game to fix all the problems.


Here’s the list of problems with this game:

  1. My character moves too slow when I press down.
  2. He doesn’t face left when I press the left button.
  3. The gargoyles don’t steal any coins.
  4. When it is Game Over, the game keeps playing and doesn’t stop.
  5. One gargoyle moves way too fast.
  6. One wall torch doesn’t move and another moves too fast.
  7. One wall changed color and my character can walk right through it.
  8. The character can walk through the right wall but gets stuck when trying to turn.


Complete these items – Ask for help if you get stuck!

Upload the fixed file below in the assignment area.