6- Matching Sounds to Your Game

Activity Progress:

As you build out characters in your game and begin to animate them, you will want to give them sound effects. As you create sound effects with animation, you have to pay attention to how long an animation lasts and if the sound is in sync with the motion. It takes practice.

What you are going to do is simple but may take some time. Download this game.

6- Matching Sounds to Your Game

There are buttons set up- right arrow, space, a, and b. When you press those, the character plays an animation. Currently it just beeps. You need to replace each beep with your own sound effect.

You can use sounds you find, layered sounds, or synthesized sounds. It’s up to you, but it needs to sound right for the animation.

  • Walk: Lasts about 2 seconds, takes four steps.
  • Jump: Lasts about 1.5 seconds, needs a jump and land nsound.
  • Karate Chop: Lasts about 3 seconds, 3 chops with the last being the most powerful
  • Hit back: Lasts about 2 seconds, needs a hit sound and then landing sound

When you are done, resave the Scratch game as “PlayerSounds” and upload below: