6- Shapes and Colors- Part 2

Activity Progress:

Now that you’ve learned how Color and Shapes are important, let’s take another look at my example.

Watch this video showing the process of how I decided the Colors of my character:

Also, yes, I do realize I said brown instead of gray at one point. 😛

Next you’re going to use Vectr to create your character on the computer. Check out how Shapes can become your character:

More Tools and Tips:

Here are some additional videos for Vectr to help you learn more:

Grouping will be very helpful. Group all your head parts, arm parts, body parts, etc. so that you can move them as a group rather than each piece on it’s own.

Gradients let you fade colors together, creating cool effects like the one I did for the leaf tail!

Vectr has created dozens of videos for more help. You can check it out here: Vector Youtube Channel


Now that you know what Shapes you can use, how Colors can be matched, and how to draw a digital character, you can now create the character! Make sure you like the final look of the character on paper before you put the effort into doing it on Vectr.

Upload the file below.