7- Reactions

Activity Progress:

Faces are Important

Have you ever played a game where the character’s face never moved? It feels weird. A real rat can’t smile or laugh, but he should be able to in a game. 

Emotions aren’t the only facial expression. We also look different when we sleep or get hit. Your character should reflect these emotions if their face is big enough to read on screen.

As you can see in my example, my character could do many things in the game and one face can’t express those. This activity is especially important with non-human characters as you need to know that they can show emotion or pain in a way that the player understands.

7- Reactions

Additional Resources:

Here are some additional videos that teach you A LOT about reactions on the face. These videos are not required to watch but could help you if you’re working on a face and having trouble. Also, when watching a long video, you can also change the speed to save you time. Click the Gear on a Youtube video and from there you can change the video’s speed.

7- Reactions

Drawing human faces can be harder because we look at human faces every day. It’s easier to notice when you do something wrong. Drawing human emotions take a lot more practice.

You’ll see in this video that drawing emotion or reactions on a face, especially a human, has little hints. Again, it takes practice but watching other people do it helps a lot. You could even try to draw along with the video!

 As you can see, everyone has their own style. There are many ways to draw facial reactions. Keep practicing until you find a style that works for you! 


Create at least these 4 faces for your character ( you can create more than this if you want ):

  • Normal face, no emotion
  • Happy
  • Sad or Angry (Choose one)
  • Injured

Upload your image below: