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Build an Evil Lair

VGDC November 7, 2023
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Build a mountain in Roblox with the terrain tool. 

Make it huge, you will need a lot of room in the mountain to carve out tunnels and rooms.

Cut a hole into the mountain with the and build inside of it.

You need the following:

  • The inside of the cave should be concrete or some other hard, non-natural surface
  • A laboratory will several experiments
  • A dungeon for captives
  • A normal entrance (or fake entrance) and a secret entrance.
  • A gateway to keep out intruders at any entrance
  • Stairs and platforms so that you can easily navigate inside and not get stuck in holes
  • Make a new model in Claydo and add it into your lair
Have someone test your mountain and give you feedback. Let them see if they can get stuck and that they can find all the rooms.

Upload at least two screenshots of your base below: