Creating Teams

Many games have teams as you play against each other in competition. In this activity, we will learn how to create teams and use Spawn Locations to choose teams.


1- Neutral Spawn

Using the Toolbox, search for Neutral Spawn. Make sure you use the one that is made by official ROBLOX. Test it to make sure your character spawns.

By the way, you can also just press the Spawn Button on the Model tab.

2- Insert Teams

Click the Models Tab. In the Advanced Section Click the gears for Insert Service and press the Insert button.

You will see that Teams is now a part of the Explorer. It’s the folder with a Soccer ball.

3- Add Two Teams

Now that Teams is in Explorer, right click and hover over Insert Object. From the big list, you will choose Team. Do it twice so you have two teams and name them each a color.

Make sure to also assign a color to the Team. Play the game. You will see that you are immediately assigned to a Team. That’s because AutoAssignable is checked. Uncheck it for both teams.

4- Add Two Spawners for the Teams

You can search in the Toolbox using the Filter to find Roblox official Spawners. Inside the properties, choose the same colors you did for the Teams. 

Play to make sure you join the Teams once you touch the spawner. If it doesn’t, make sure to check the Properties section AllowTeamChangeOnTouch.


If you publish this game and friends join, they can join teams. There’s no game to play but you can now make teams!

Take the quiz below to prove your knowledge.