Game Design Document

Activity Progress:

What is a Game Design Document?

A Game Design Document is the written plan for your video game. It’s important to understand what it is and how it is used in the gaming industry. Watch this video to learn more about the GDD.

Create Your Own GDD

A Game Design Document can be really long. Some people have written book-sized ones. That’s not what you are going to do for your first document. Follow the steps below:

  1. Come up with a game idea. It doesn’t need to be one you plan on doing so you can just make one up for practice.
  2. Open a Document in Word or another editor. You are going to write a short GDD using only one page.
  3. Answer the following questions about your game in the document:

    1. What is the name of your game?
    2. What type of game is it?
    3. Who is your character? What are the powers/abilities you have?
    4. What is the goal of the game?
    5. Using one paragraph, explain the story from start to finish.
    6. Explain the basic mechanics of the game. How is it played?
    7. What are the controls?
    8. How many levels or areas does it have?
  4. Upload the document below: