Make a Pet (Body Movers)

Body Movers are Roblox functions that move objects, instead of constantly changing location with a CFrame.

First, use the Toolbox to select a pet you want to follow you around. I’m going to use Jigglypuff and child the PetScript to the object.

Creating the Variables

Create this first part.

This adds in the Body Movers to then allow movement. Make sure in owner to use your username, not mine.

While Loop Body Movement

Write this loop to make the pet follow you:

OwnerObj and OwnerPos identify and constantly recheck the position of the player.

Stop tells the pet to stop about 5 bricks behind the player.

PetPos & PetGyro help are the settings for BodyPosition and BodyGyro.

To prove that you completed it, take a screenshot of you and the pet.