Mario Editor

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The Principle of Scaled Complexity

Part of game mechanics is introducing how the game is played over time or progress. You never show all mechanics at the same time.

Part of level design is introducing your mechanics as they progress in the game. This is easy to see in sidescrolling games. When you play these kinds of games, they usually introduce one object at a time and then combine them with increasing complexity. You call this Scaled Complexity.

Mario Editor

CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD. To play it, unzip the file to your Desktop.

Play with the tutorial to learn how to use the software.

The hardest part of the Editor is making doors, watch the video below if you need help with that.

To complete this section, open your Mario Editor folder and click the Levels folder.  Open it with notepad and save it as a .TXT file. Upload that TXT file into this assignment for approval.