Tile Mapping

Activity Progress:

When you create a 2D video game, much of your levels or worlds will have repeating elements. It would take too much world to draw huge levels.

The way to avoid this problem is by creating tile maps, small blocks that can create larger environments. Think of it like Minecraft but in 2D.


To create our Tilesets, we will use Tiled- download here.

1- Make a new map.

2- Choose these settings.

3- Click the link below. Download this tileset by right clicking and “Save Image As” TILESET LINK

4- Upload the tileset here.

Creating a Tile Map

Tilemapping is all about layers. Create your bottom layer such as grass on layer 1. Layer 2 would be trees. If you try to put them on the same layer it cuts a hole out.

Here are some great examples of tilesets:

Here’s an example of some of my creations: