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World Building and Character Design

We are using Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator to create our fictional fantasy world, Vardon.

Click here to download Vardon and load it in by using LOAD at the bottom of the purple box.  By uploading it, you can zoom in all the way to each city and river

Leader: Queen Virica, sister of Drand
Economy: Traders, Fishing
Army: Naval
Allies: Drandia, Monciga, Selavikia, Hitkia
Leader: King Drand, brother of Virica
Economy: Traders, Fishermen
Army: Naval
Allies: Viricania, Monciga, Selavikia
Leader: Emporer Vaal, uncle of Drand & Virica
Economy: Traders, Farming, Mining
Army: Naval, Cavalry, Archers
Allies: Viricania, Drandia, Selavikia
Enemies: Agoian Empire
Leader: Prince Vaal, son of Emporer
Economy: Traders, Fishing
Army: Naval, Cavalry, Archers
Allies Viricania, Drandia, Monciga, Mismykiria
Enemies: Agoian Empire
Leader: Warlord Garshok
Economy: Traders, Mining, Fishing
Army: Archers, Naval, Infantry
Allies: Selavikia
Enemies: Agoian Empire
Leader: The Board of Tradesmen
Economy: Trading, Fishing
Allies: Viricania, Barvila

Leader: The Four Mountains
Economy: Mining, Farming
Army: Cavalry, Infantry
Allies: none
Enemies: Flopo
Leader: Queen Olobo
Economy: Farming, Traders
Army: Infantry
Allies: Ercarania, Barvila
Enemies: Pylmaa
Leader: Senate of Freedom
Economy: Oil, Mining, Fishing
Army: Archers, Infantry
Allies: Flopo, Barvila
Leader: King Cobal
Economy: Oil, Trading
Army: Infantry, Cavalry
Allies: Flopo, Escarania,Hitkia
Enemies: Agoian Empire
Agoian Empire
Leader: Emporer Ago, brother of Vaal
Economy: Farming, Mining, Slavery, Traders
Army: Cavalry, Infantry, Archers
Allies: Quecira
Enemies: Monciga, Selavikia, Barvila
Leader: The Lake Dragons
Economy: Fishing, Farming
Army: Infantry
Allies: Agoian Empire
Enemies: Hitkia

We get to invent everything!

Now that the basics of Vardon are established, we can make anything for it! Want to make a character? A drawing of a city? A type of creature? You get to invent anything for this world. 

Just a few rules:

  1. This world is high fantasy, meaning all kinds of creatures, magic, etc. No nations have robots or futuristic technology past primitive steam machines.
  2. If you aren’t good at drawing, that’s ok! Even if your drawing doesn’t look ok, what’s important is your idea. You can come up with written stories or histories. Or you can make buildings or items in Minecraft or Roblox.
  3. This is a serious fantasy world so excessive silliness and memes will not be accepted.

Need ideas?

Drawing a blank? That’s ok! Ask for ideas from Carl or use this tool to come up with character ideas. You may need to change some of the ideas if they include technology or aliens.


Post to Discord

Share what you have made in the new Discord channel, Vardon. We’ll save our work in here for now. You can post picture files, screenshots, word files of stories. Just make sure to explain what it is and which nation it belongs in.